About Us

Innovative Research of West Florida is an experienced medical research network involved in clinical trials for pharmaceutical or device companies. These trials involve bringing new drugs to market or validating changes in indication (in other words, verifying conditions which may or may not make a particular treatment advisable) for companies involved with the Food and Drug Administration.

We are concerned with both inpatient and outpatient trials and all phases of clinical trials.

Innovative Research

Our many years of experience permit us to appreciate the personal and private nature of our patients’ information. Patients involved in clinical trials at Innovative Research of West Florida are governed by the mandatory standard of ethical protocol.

We provide physicians with varying levels of clinical trial management which may include regulatory documentation, contract management, study startup and qualification visits, staffing for both the identification and management of protocol-outlined visits and patient follow-up.

Pharmaceutical Companies
Our focus is to run a successful trial in which all patients are safe and followed according to protocol, with documentation that meets all Federal Regulations for Good Clinical Practices.

We have the experience to tailor your personal needs as an Investigator to the needs of the trial. We do all the paperwork necessary for the trials, and we provide experienced, credentialed staff to be available for study visits, monitoring visits, audits and inspections.

This is done with direct involvement of research and office staff, and continual interaction and involvement of the Principal Investigator and our office.

All of our study coordinators are certified by ACRP!