Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body doesn't produce enough insulin or the body's cells ignore the insulin.

Can I Participate in this Diabetic Clinical Research Study?

This clinical research study is currently enrolling adults, across the country, who have been diagnosed with Diabetese and have a history of heart disease.

You may qualify

  • At least 18 years of age
  • A1c between 7 and 10.5
  • Diabetic
  • Currently taking Metformin

What are the Benefits of Participation?

If you qualify to participate in this clinical research study, you will be participating in a nationwide study for up to 5 years. There will be approximately 20 clinic visits over the 5 years. You will receive study-related care from a team of physicians and research professionals. More specifically, you will receive ongoing study-related physical exams and blood work, and preventative medicine for gout flares (first 6 months). In addition, you will receive study related medications. If you qualify, compensation for time and travel may also be available.

What is the Next Step?

If interested, contact us to learn more about this study. Our medical professionals will be happy to answer all of your questions about participation.