Our Staff

Miguel Trevino, M.D.

Dr. Miguel Trevino MD

I am a board certified internist, graduating from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara in 1982. I trained in Internal Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, NY. And I have completed an Associate Fellowship in Integrative Medicine from the University of Arizona Medical School in Tucson, with program director Andrew Weil, M.D.

After being in practice since 1991, I commenced my research studies in 2002 when I became medical director of Innovative Research of West Florida. I have conducted more than 300 trials as a Principal Investigator, in such therapeutic areas as diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, arthritis, pain, and many others.
I strive to give compassionate patient care, while offering patients the latest in medical and device therapies.
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Timothy Light, D.O.

Dr. Timothy Light MD

A former engineer, Dr. Light graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1996 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.  After realizing a passion for working with people, he shifted his career focus to medicine.  He returned to school and graduated summa cum laude in biology from Kennesaw State University in 2004.

Timothy Light, D.O., is now a board-certified physician in Family Medicine, after graduating from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2009.  He trained in both hospital and outpatient settings as an intern at Bay Area Corpus Christi Medical Center in Corpus Christi, Texas.  He completed his training at Largo Medical Center in Largo, FL as a family medicine resident.  He was chief academic resident during his last year of residency.  He has distinguished himself as a physician who can handle difficult cases with a caring attitude.

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Being an RN has truly been an honor for me. I have met many patients and other medical personnel whose lives have touched mine in very special ways.

The first ten years of my nursing career was in the intensive care arena, while the later half has been in clinical trial management. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of South Florida, and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

As Research Director for Innovative Research, my goal has been to provide state of the art medical care to all patients - in a happy and healthy environment.



I knew I wanted to work in health care from the age of four. After training as an EMT, I went on to nursing school, and have been in nursing for since 1996 working at Suncoast Hospital.
I joined Innovative Research in 2004, and became a certified clinical research coordinator in 2008. I enjoy the opportunity it provides for one-on-one patient care. I am a people person!

My mission as a nurse is quality care. Working in research provides continual learning. That is one of the many benefits. Our patients become part of our family at Innovative Research, seeing the qulaity of their lives improve, while making an impact on the future of medical care is indescribable. We have the most amazing group of people working here; it is truly an honor to work at Innovative Research.



I have had the opportunity to work in the health care field as a nurse and massage therapist since 1972.
My experience is both medical and administrative – in pediatrics, geriatrics, home health, and in medical marketing, hospital discharge planning - an ideal combination for my work in clinical research.

Working at Innovative Research is a very rewarding; it is wonderful to realize that our studies may provide long lasting benefits and improvements to the quality of life for so many patients, both here in Florida and all over the world.

It’s great to work with such wonderful caring people, with a genuine concern for all the patients.



One of our main Recruiters for our Clinical Trials. Maureen has worked in both urgent care and hospital settings. 

I am excited to be part of the team at Innovative Research; they are all such friendly and caring people.


Lori Sheets

I have an Associates degree in Nursing, that I got in 1983. I've done primarily cardiology, but have been in research about 10 years now. I'm from OH, but have been in FL for 20 years. I'm glad I can do a job I love, and that never gets boring.


Jen 200x250

Our newest member of our coordinator team!



Accounting for Innovative Research and Premier Family Medical.


Wendy Rubach

From Indiana PA moved to Florida as a child.

I started my career in nursing as an LPN, I got my RN degree from SPJC and went on to USF for my BSN.

I love being a nurse because it is one of the most diverse professions in the world. I have worked in the ER, Labor and delivery and telemetry. Before coming into the field of clinical research, I worked in the Intensive Care Unit for 5 years. I loved the close relationships we were able to develop with some of our patients. It was very rewarding to watch them get better and finally be able to leave the Unit.

I started clinical research when I was pregnant with my son who is now 8 years old. Research is so rewarding because we constantly have the opportunity to learn about new diagnoses and treatment options for our patients. We have a unique opportunity to offer our patients some of the latest treatment options and I think that is great! 


Rosalie Brewster

My name is Rosalie Brewster, I am a wife and mother of three beautiful little girls.  After having my 1st daughter, I decided to go back to school. I attended St. Petersburg College for my basic core classes, then graduated from Central Florida Institute as a Medical Assistant in 2004.I started out in Cardiology and later went to Internal Medicine.  The physician that I was working for started a research department that I joined as a research assistant.  From there, I took a course in Clinical Management and spent the last four years as a Clinical Research Coordinator.I joined Innovative Research in October, and look forward to spending many years here.  When I joined the medical field, it was because I wanted to make a difference in someone's' life.  Quality of Life is everything and if I can help give that to someone, that is what makes me happy!


Paula Clark

Paula is a Certified Phlebotomist and she currently is working in our research department.


Katy Gustafson

 I grew up in Dunedin and now live in Palm Harbor with my Husband and 2 teenage sons. I began my career in the medical field as a Home Helath Aide in 1995, specializing in geriatrics for 18 years. I attended the Practical Nursing program at PTEC Clearwater, graduated with honors, and became an LPN in 2013. I have since worked in Family Practice, Sports Medicine, and am now in Research as a Coordinator. I am currently working towards obtaining my certification from the Association of Clinical Research Professionals. I take great pleasure in knowing that I, in my own, small way, am going to improve the outcome, health and lives of others through my work here at Innovative Research.



I have been involved in Clinical Research recruitment for over a year now and enjoy speaking to all our patients.



I am the newest member of Innovative Research's Recruitment department and I am looking forward to my work here.